business intelligence


In allinagency_ we believe that if we can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist and forget about improving it. Besides, all the clients need to know the results that we are getting every day.That’s why we went a step further from the boring monthly performance reports in PDF format and we have created an internal Client Zone where you’ll be able to check in real time the status of your investment and the results that are obtained.

Forget about the PDF reports and check your smartphone, tablet or computer the Report Panel that we created for you.

All the metrics in one place

Monitor all the SEO, SEM metrics or any other channel in a visual and easy way. Visits, position in searchers, more profitable ads camapigns, etc.

Detailed reports in real time

Do you usually wait at the end of the month to have your PDF report. With our control panels you’ll be able to see the performance in real time. What you see is what is going on. This way you’ll be able to make a decision at any time… in time.

Do you need to know your economic performance?

Measure, analyze and improve your actions in any Social Network thanks to the full monitorization of commentaries and interactions that we integrate in your control panel.

Complete Social Panel

We keep you informed of the economic performance of the online strategy: costs, inversion, ROI and more metrics that are related will be combined in order to offer an in depth vision of the economic performance.

Integration with more than 50 tools

Imagine you have a CRM, web conversions, ads campaigns in Yahoo!, 10 banners in different webs, data in Google Analytics, etc. With our control panels you’ll be able to see the performance of all the channels in one place.

Monitoring and performance analysis

You’ll be able to check the performance of any section of your web. If the visits go unexpectedly down in any of the pages, server response, unusual charge times, Q&A test results, customized alerts creation, etc.